The Top 10 UX Design Agencies Right Now


User Experience (UX) refers to the way we use products, how they feel, and how simple or complicated it is to use them.

In the last decade, as businesses strive to create a smooth and enjoyable user experience, UX design has been thrust to the forefront of the web industry. Companies now understand that nailing the UX element of their product or website is a crucial part of staying successful.

In this day and age, there is no question that your apps, products, and websites have to look and feel great. The question is how are you going to do it? With that said, here is our breakdown of the top UX design agencies in the world right now.

#1. Momentum Design Lab

This award-winning agency takes an innovative and personable approach to UX design. With a focus on research, product strategy, design, and development, Momentum has worked with clients from a diverse field of industries including financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer products, and technology.

Momentum moves beyond conventional UX design methods

Familiar working at both the business and consumer levels of design, their style is to develop impactful solutions that change the way their client goes about their business. Going beyond conventional marketing tools, momentum works with everything from AI and IoT to Analytics and Cloud-based Applications to get the right solutions.

#2. Slide UX

With their collaborative approach to UX design, Texan firm Slide UX have developed a stellar reputation over the past five years. They like to create original and tailored designs by digging deep into your companies values and getting to the heart of your business model.

A collaborative approach to UX design

As a result, their web and mobile interfaces often look very different from one project to the next. They prefer to polish the gold that’s already there, as opposed to tearing everything up and starting from the beginning. Paying close attention to the details allows them to create a very domain orientated and intuitive user experiences.

#3. Clay

One of the big boys of the UX scene, Clay is a San Francisco-based UX design and development agency. They come at UX from a behavioral science angle, looking to tap into the user’s subconscious needs.

Using behavioral science to inform their UX has made Clay a popular choice in Silicon Valley

Teaming up with the marketing departments of large companies and startups, they have found a way to consistently deliver award-winning websites and mobile apps. Judging by their all-star cast of clients – Facebook, Slack, and Google to name a few – this approach is serving them very well.

#4. Brave UX

Based in Washington, DC, Brave is a full-service design agency that has proven more than capable of handling complex projects. The Brave team also put a special focus on providing step by step communication and excellent customer service.

As you would imagine from a company named Brave, their web and mobile solutions can often be innovative. No matter how far out of the box their designs are, they are always on point when it comes to functionality and visual appeal.

#5. Orizon

Canadian UX pioneers, Orizon have been building up a stellar portfolio of web and mobile apps from their base in Montreal. Capable of both immersive and hi-concept design, the team have been brought in to share their expertise on projects from Apple, Google, Uber, and Tinder.

Pioneers in Canadian UX design

Orizon’s focus on easy-to-use, engaging, and responsive websites demonstrates a passion for the artistic side of UX design. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

#6. Fuzzy Math

Despite being one of the smaller design agencies on our list, Fuzzy Math has become one of the leading UX design firms in the USA. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they do great work! From their home base in Chicago, the Fuzzy team has now amassed a roster of clients from across the world.

Project-wise, they believe their smaller scale helps them stay agile and versatile in their interactions with clients. When it comes to great UX design, whether that be web or mobile applications, their portfolio speaks for itself.

#7. Ramotion

Experts in UI/UX design, development, and branding, Ramotion is a design agency with its own unique system. To set themselves apart, they harness the very latest technologies and expertise to create ultra-smooth user experiences.

Ramotion’s team is made up of multidisciplinary experts who each provide insights on digital production. As with the Fuzzy Math team, these guys like to keep things on a smaller scale so they can give as much attention as possible to their clients.

#8. Platform

Platform cut back on the fancy words and concepts and focus on the bottom line, increasing your profits. How do they do this? They make use of data to inform their design and implement strategies that have proven successful for other companies in the recent past.

One of several California based agencies on this list, Platform are based out of San Francisco where they have been operating for over 5 years.

#9. UX Studio

This 30-person strong Hungarian team strives to create enjoyable and engaging digital products. Based in Budapest, their team is spread throughout Europe and shuns the old hierarchical top-down business structure.

Instead, UX Studio likes to consider themselves a flat organization of highly-empowered and well-motivated colleagues. Nice! The hope here is to keep inspiration high and ideas flowing from all directions. Their approach to design is summed up by the motto “the more research the better” and if that doesn’t help then maybe do a little bit more research.

#10. Rossul

Our second Canadian entry, ROSSUL, develop functional B2B applications with a view to creating smooth usability. The design process they use pays special attention to the end-user, attempting to predict the pain points before they arise.

After 15 years of design experience, they have grown into a company that favors clean, intuitive, and expandable designs. Rossul works to improve both the usability and usefulness of products to create an optimal user experience.

Company Website Pricing/hour Location Employees
Momentum Design Lab $150 – $199 San Mateo, CA 10 – 49
Slide UX $150 – $199 Austin, TX 10 – 49
Clay $150 – $199 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
Brave UX $200 – $300 Washington, DC 2 – 9
Orizon $80-100 Montreal, Canada 12
Fuzzy Math $150 – $199 Chicago, IL 10 – 49
Ramotion $150 – $199 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
Platform $100 – $149 San Francisco, CA 10 – 49
UX studio $100 – $149 Budapest, Hungary 10 – 49
ROSSUL $150 – $199 Toronto, Canada 2 – 9

This breakdown of the top UX design agencies has been made to show you the variety of design firms that are out there. There are many companies now working with UX, these are just some of the standouts.

As a company, you should figure out exactly how you want your products to look and feel and then find the design agency that can make that happen for you. One thing is for sure, if your user experience is great, your business has a much better chance at succeeding.


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