Top 5 Shopify Plug Ins For Increasing Traffic

Shopify Plugin To Boost Traffic

Operating a business online requires constant maintenance, for every app or plugin designed to drive traffic to your site, comes another set of skills to master.

As an online store owner, you should always be on the lookout for the tools that can help you improve sales and increase conversions. One of the first things you have to learn is how to drive more traffic to your site.

This is no easy feat. However, there are some useful tools out there that can assist you on your mission. When it comes to driving traffic to your Shopify site these five plugins will really have you pulling away from the pack.

Traffic Driver #1. Plug-In SEO


What Does it Do?

Plugin SEO is one of the best and most popular Shopify plugins for search engine optimization. While it’s primary function is to help you find and fix and search engine optimization issues, it also works to ensure your site is up to date with the best SEO practices.

This amazingly useful app will do everything from check page titles and headings to verifying meta descriptions, site speed, and content freshness. If you have a blog section on your online store it can also help with the structure of your posts.

This is an excellent app for taking care of the elements that affect your website’s search engine performance.

How Does it Help With Traffic?

The simple logic says you can’t run a successful online store without a good flow of website traffic. Proper management of your SEO tactics is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your site. After all, if you appear in more searches -which is what good SEO will do for you – you are bound to get more traffic, and ultimately sales.

Another plus side to driving organic traffic, as opposed to traditional marketing – is that visitors who arrive organically are generally more easy to convert.

How Much Does it Cost?

Two packages are available: Free and $20/Month

Free $20/Month
  • Unlimited SEO, Blog, Speed problems checks
  • Fix instructions & code
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Email help & support
  • Automatic SEO improvements
  • Free install
  • Instruction videos
  • Premium support
  • Structured Data (+ full JSON-LD)
  • Powerful SEO control

Traffic Driver #2. Referral Candy

What Does it Do?

This automated software helps you reward your customers for making referrals. Any time one of your customers successfully recommends your product or service to their friends, family, and wider social circles they will receive some form of financial reward.

The app sends automated reminder emails to existing clients with referral links attached, all they have to do from there is pass them on to their contact lists. The rewards are customizable and vary from store discounts to cash payments.

How Does it Help With Traffic?

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Having a product recommended by a friend, someone you know and trust, is infinitely more persuasive than some random advertisement. The referral rewards system takes advantage of that fact by encouraging existing customers to tell their friends about your products.

People are generally happy to refer a product or service they like, the only problem is that they forget to do it. Referral Candy resolves this issue by reminding them and creating an (almost) labor-free way of passing on the good word.

How Much Does it Cost?

Two packages are available: Premium and Enterprise.

Premium – $49 + Commission/Month Enterprise – $3,999/Year
  • Unlimited customers
  • Dashboard & data reports
  • 24/7 Live Chat support
  • Automatic Fraud protection
  • Unlimited customers
  • Dashboard & data reports
  • 24/7 Live Chat support
  • Automatic Fraud protection
  • Account manager
  • Priority support

Traffic Driver #3. Kit

What Does it Do?

Kit is a marketing app that handles your store’s promotional activity. If you are too bound up in other tasks to do your own marketing, then this is the plugin for you. Kit takes care of your social media marketing (Facebook & Instagram) campaigns by writing and posting ads on your behalf. In addition, it can automate your email marketing and make sure customers stay up to date with your latest offers.

How Does it Help With Traffic?

Digital marketing is both a great way to drive traffic to your store and to find new customers in the world of social media. The secret here is that your store maintains a multi-channel presence online. By automating the marketing process for you, Kit ensures you never miss an opportunity to find new customers and convince old ones that it is time to return to your store.

How Much Does it Cost?

Kit is free to install. However, whenever it runs a Facebook or Instagram add on your behalf, you will be charged at the standard rates of those companies.

Traffic Driver #4. Social Photos


What Does it Do?

The social photos plugin allows you to create and host a photo-sharing widget onto your store website. The widget gives your clientele the opportunity to photograph and tag themselves promoting your store’s products on Instagram. From here they can customize and submit their photos for your approval allowing you to organize the best shots into galleries on your website.

How Does it Help With Traffic?

This plugin helps you capitalize on the power of social media marketing. Essentially, the photos that your customers submit are a form of user-generated content, this authentic marketing is social proofing at its best. Real people linking to your site from their social media accounts builds your brand awareness in ways paid-for-marketing never could.

It also works both ways, customers who share photos gain notoriety from their appearance on your website which gives them their own form of social credence.

How Much Does it Cost?

Three packages are available: Basic, Advanced, Premium.

Basic – $10/month Advanced – $24/month Premium – $50/month
  • Content Pre-Moderation
  • Community Page
  • Reminders after purchase
  • Track one hashtag and username
  • Create one gallery
  • Basic plan features
  • Shoppable Customer Photos
  • Track multiple hashtags and username
  • Multiple galleries and product-related galleries
  • Advanced plan features
  • Remove Socialphotos branding


Traffic Driver #5 Yotpo

What Does it Do?

Yotpo helps brands collect and showcase reviews, ratings, and photos which can be shared via email and across social platforms. By showcasing customer content on your store’s site and channels, you can build trust for your brand. This brilliant app also allows you to display customer ratings in organic search results and Google ads.

How Does it Help With Traffic?

Yotpo gives you the chance to build brand loyalty across all your business’s online platforms. On top of the increased awareness, the inherent social proofing that comes along with positive user ratings and reviews will encourage more people to visit your site.

This app has a double benefit: it develops a portfolio of user-generated content that can be used for either visual marketing like photos, or informative marketing such as product reviews. Both of these methods have the capacity to attract new customers to your online store.

How Much Does it Cost?

Two packages are available: Free and Premium

Free Premium (Request a Quote)
Includes 50 Monthly Orders

Review Request Emails

On-Site Widgets

Basic Customization

Content Management & Moderation

Custom Monthly Orders

Multi-Channel Content Generation

On-Site Widgets & Galleries

Google & Facebook Integration

Advanced Content Management

Widgets & Emails Customization

Multiple Domains Support

Dedicated Success Manager

Key Takeaways

These Shopify plugins are specifically chosen for their ability to help drive traffic to your site. Many of them are also compatible with rival e-commerce sites should that be of interest to you. In addition, there are hundreds of useful apps and plugins that we left off this list because they are not specifically aimed at increasing traffic.

The key message here is to take care of the fundamentals. Look after your organic search relevance through thorough SEO maintenance. Keep a social media presence as authentic as possible. Finally, give your clients – new and old – interesting and easy ways to engage with your brand.

Creating a real buzz around your brand is the best way to make the most out of your marketing budget and the best way to do that is by getting your happy customers to spread the good word in their social circles.


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